Progressive Life, Lyric


Progressive Life, Lyric


Cherub like, cherry- cheeked, bright robust smiles,

Then a lad or a maid sun drenched and mild.

Maturing in fashion and expertise,

From every clock-tick their lucre they squeeze.

Bent on piles of fortune, happiness buy;

Their very own heaven’s stairway contrived.

Mortgages locked in, lashed to high leases;

wealth is a burden the more it increases

Not one cent escape where misers reside,

channeled to those so counting occupied.

Comes the days of looking their part— a toad,

Eyes dull, cheeks wan, frowns so long and so broad.

The happiest mortals and full of mirth,

Are the thankful souls to draw their next breath.


c. Lemuel

16 November 2018

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