Funky Things Happen, Writing Haiku


Funky Things Happen, Writing Haiku


Some folks I know broke into a “front porch haiku symposium” and here’s part of what I recall saying about aberrations in my usual writing process. I remember this from October.

Sometimes, whether I plan to write, or if I feel like writing, sort of like being a little hungry before lunch, I begin a line on a napkin, keeping with the suddenness idea, and, thirty-seconds later there it is, a solid haiku that meets most of the world’s expectations.

That doesn’t happen a lot but it does and I am happy and contrite at once.

A little guilt there. No sweat composition, the missing everyday agony, I have only a neat packaged haiku. I mean where’s the usual pain, doubt, and fear?

Whew! I am glad that is done.

Now, I am on lunch. No disturbances. I like messing with the Muses.

c. Lemuel

15 November 2018

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