Word-Play, Haiku


Word-Play, Haiku


For me, one aspect of writing poetry, especially haiku, I try to entice word-play.

Word-play is in support of the poem. I avoid trying to seem a Clever Hans.

A: All poetry is word-play.

A: And, Yep.

Word-play, relating here, touches the following concepts and conveys them in a variety of ways. The playing remains in the background, is subdued, is a seasoning.

I think of examples of these.

1. Sound, etc.

2. Pictures

3. Imagination

4. Tone/Feel

5. Setting

6. Universality

Conveying a poem with a few syllables, lines and, a playful craft that reaches others where they are from where I am is humbling.

Word-play in haiku is craft but shies away from calling attention away from the poem.

c. Lemuel

06 November 2018

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