Haiku, In Many Minds

Haiku, In Many Minds

Haiku are created poems. Perhaps a person may find haiku in one’s inner self pre-fashioned. I must work to make a poem, re-making the poem fragments too. I fully accept serendipity.

Writing haiku is sure to employ imagination, to varying degrees, and humor. I like to build haiku with help from observation, emotion, and tenacity.

Flip side, considering others’ haiku. Receiving haiku allows me to sense what another person possessed or made.

Maybe, I can contact a little of how they have had to respond to the world as I take in their haiku.

My sensing of received haiku is at once fresh and mine, even if I have never visited their pond as written, and it is chock-full of “other-ness” that is so personably moving, friendly.

Another person has walked this path. Their footprints are old, they go that way, seventeen syllables or not.

Onward, as my footprints weather a bit.

c. Lemuel

02 November 2018

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