Haiku, Un-learning and Re-learning

Haiku, Un-learning and Re-learning


I mean no disrespect. I do no intend unsupported criticism.

I offer three considerations relating to haiku.

First, Un-learn some lessons, early. Even sincere and motivated teachers are wrong. I especially note my self-teaching.

Next, consider the impact of several concepts relating to acceptable haiku, a brief list.

A. Knowing the Subject of haiku is the Way on a Path built upon insight and on discovery for writer and for recipient.

B. Haiku is a regulated, known, and an expected type of poem.

C. Haiku is versatile and demanding.

D. Humor is one of many human traits.

Then, with reflection, proceed with haiku, un-learned or re-learned. Or something else.


c. Lemuel

01 November 2018

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