X & O, “Shiny Things”

X & O

Shiny Things


In the kitchen.

X: This sink is not shiny.

O: Oh?

X: It’s stainless steel. It doesn’t shine. It isn’t shiny. Sort that out?

O: Some stainless steel isn’t shiny, per se.

X: Per what?

O: By definition, by itself, not …


X: I don’t care. Per se, what is that?

O: You did care enough to ask a question, din’t you. Asking questions demonstrates you cared.

X: Well I don’t, care. Per se.

O: Ah.

X: Stoppit.

O: I’ve stopped.

X: Get outta my head.

O: Vacated.

X: Just leave willya.

O: Au revior.

Bird sings.

X: Damn. I’m gonna have that on re-play all day.


c. Lemuel

31 October 2018

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