Three Thoughts, Getting Haiku to “Start”

haiku, haiku


breath, touching silence

seeing with ears open, taste

the fragrant journey

c. Lemuel

21 October 2018

The longer version is below.


I avoid offering prescriptions. This is a pondering on my internal and external haiku trek.

I often know why I begin a haiku. That may sound daft. These poems are a tricky form that require a turn of work. Some other times the haiku is processed whole, it is immediate, and finished.

For me, haiku start with a breath. A good deep or long one, even a catch,a shorter one. On occasion there in a quick inhale and a sigh as the haiku began life.

Next, poem sketching is a good strategy. And again,the poem is wont to go whither it may. As the word sounds meander I make the most sense of them in tandem to the image or emotion I am crafting.

Many times tinkering with the word order or line construction supports the feeling or mental picture I am about to capture. I tend to stick to the original visual / visceral concept as priority.

Third, employing care in construction and dedication to purpose are as important as the inner motivation of “making” the haiku. This goal is to create a living line or three in a form that is direct in intention, grasp-able, and yet it conveys something authentic and much more than the haiku’s sparse features.

In a short estimation, writing haiku is tumult and order, capturing the personal and making it universal.

c. Lemuel

21 October 2018

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