“Artists”, a View from Inside Art

I read a lot of questions about Art and makers of Art in my personal journal, online, and in print. Hear a lot of questions too.

Here’s my take on making Art in brief.

1.) I must get over the embarrassment with titles, especially “Artist”.

2.) I will do making Art a favor by getting busy making Art. It’s work that is concrete and it is about burning daylight.

3.) Trying to be relevant, to find my audience, or to become legend is for advertising. I may be confused about my role.

4.) Write my communications about my Art so folk can understand my words. Target the academic artsy-fancy stuff for those who expect that sort of writing.

So, I get on with making Art.

If I make shortbreads there should be some biscuits / cookies coming out of the oven.


c. Lemuel

06 July 2018

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