Daily Game, Where is my Newspaper?

“Dear Subscriber, timely payment is always appreciated. Do not respond to this email.”


On rainy days I do not attempt to look for my newspaper on a small lawn unless I have on full inclement weather gear on including my Wellingtons. The search could take a while.


I have fetched ragged pages of the local gazette hanging limp from tree branches, trying to clog my neighbor’s gutter, or hidden beneath the arbor vitae.


My Terrier companion is not a soggy paper Retriever (I might like one if it were a breed of dog). She likes the top of the sofa for look-out and next to the pillows for nap-out. Rain is not for a pampered pooch.


“Hello Circulation Department.”


” Since I pay by direct bank draft you’ll extend my subscription?”


“That’s forward-looking of you. I buy a newspaper, or have already paid for a newspaper, so I might read it today. ”


“Nothing you can do?”


I drove into town. I recall stating it is a down-pour. There are no drive-thru’s for newspapers. All the newspapers are sold out from those little chained-down boxes.


The daily game of finding my newspaper has morphed into “find a newspaper anywhere”. This is too much angst for one day.


So, I drove-thru for coffee and a dozen donuts. Not the same as a newspaper but I couldn’t let my Terrier down now could I?

c. Lemuel

09 June 2018

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