Looking for Intelligent Life in the Galaxy, Maybe Beyond

We humans are not evolved sufficiently to meet other intelligent life-forms or any other life for that matter. We put life-forms in the all-gone-machine and turn the crank.


We commonly refer to other life off-planet as “aliens” before we’ve had any proper introductions. That’s so powerful an indicator of our lack of insight and our un-readiness to encounter others because no one gives the label “aliens” a second-thought, the “A” word. Know what I mean the very postulated populations are “aliens”.


Ultimately “alien” means “not like us”. Our record with those unlike us is in the dust-bin from history to the present. It’s fine to theoretically accept others, just not at “my” table (club, coffee shop, park, yeah no where actually).


We cannot get along with our own species and exploiting the planet is our most very favorite game for fun and for profit. It’s “Huge”, so to speak. Then, how could we expect to get along with and to get on nicely with other life? We don’t now get along with other species or with our own species.


What if we don’t meet their concept of what passes for intelligence?To other intelligent life we might be seen as an infestation, as vermin. That’s right, not like them, we’re “vermin”.


One of us just might, “bring a room together” for an inter-galactic designer; hanging over someone’s sofa.


If these individuals are truly smart beings they might be better off circling Earth’s zip code on their galactic maps and moving on for health’s sake– their own.


c. Lemuel

05 June 2018

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