Archaic, Daily Prompt, Second-helping

Archaic, Daily Prompt, Second-helping


Shuttered, the daily prompts, good-bye daily posts

Close the cover on photo challenges

Drain the pool, dissolve First Fridays

Chop! They’re every one gone sort of archaic

I hope the new stuff is cool and not chaotic.


Remember 2,000 Daily Prompts

Delve 380 Photo Challenges

So many laps in 260 Community Pools

Celebrate 100 First Fridays


These were all created by nimble cunning minds

So I hope for more like these just any old time.

I’ll only say:

À bientôt !  Nos vemos!  Tschüss!


Cheers!  Ciao! Bis später!


Not good-bye, but see you all later!



© Lemuel

31 May 2018

Daily Prompt, Second-helping


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