Disappear Fear, a Lullaby

woman in white shirt sleeping on gray fabric sofa

Photo by Flickr on Pexels.com

Disappear Fear, a Lullaby


Disappear Fear

Bon voyage Horror;

Good night Fright and jerky ole Terror.

Dread, and Anxiety, both take a hike–

Along with all your bumps in the night.

Let loose of my imagination

You snot, mouldy green Trepidation

Sound the alarm, Hey, Apprehensions

Get out! Scoot! Fly this very instant

And take with you your sore chum Panic

Don’t need all your false Apparitions.

Not pretty at all this nightly,

Fear was a bed habit.

Replaced by peace rightly

In the mind,

And in the heart united.

Sleep jitters cease–

Be gone bad dreams with herds of night horses

Stampede elsewhere’s

Bossy nightmares

I’m wearing armor-plated pajamas.


© Lemuel

28 May 2018

Daily Prompt


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