Archaic, or Be Great Again


Archaic, or Be Great Again


It would be a huge mistake–

To disregard the archaic.

Some things that are old

Aren’t covered in mold:

Like Manners, I think so, should stick

They Are / Were a pretty keen trick.

Smiles, they’re ours by human nature,

A really sweet human feature.

You know a nice smile goes a long long way

Without any feet;

Sifting, sorting, that’s a bigoty game–

Leads to self-defeat.

Hate, now hate the one big sore thing I’d drop

Get out, Be gone, You S – T-  O – P, stop.

I think that greatest of our old gifts

Love, we should fill in all our rifts.

If we are all different or even all just the same

We are called by that familiar old family name;

We’re people, and folks, and tribes galore

No need for “sameness”, that’s a real bore.

If we love one another and give it our best

It’s archaic, old, and we’d truly be blessed.

Love each other; watch out for every single one

And live by the notion, to do as we’d have done.

If in the end we have in mind, we want to win

Above all else, let’s be Kind, to be Great again.


© Lemuel

26 May 2018

Daily Prompt


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