Not Guilty, Brief Drama for Three Voice

Not Guilty,  Brief Drama for Three Voices



The sweetest chord

Salvation’s Word

Inscribed upon the soul:

In truth one betwixt “Amen”

And morbid casual curse:

In truth, likewise, one fully soiled.

And all of these be true

Evidence myriad broken rules,



And Filthy.



Holy Claimant of Mercy

Proclaims, “This one, Not Guilty”.

Erased, no trace of old offense

No shadow’s mark, all debts are cleansed.



Pardoned, what glorious turn of events.



Compensation sufficed

Another full paid the price.



Be Dismissed,

Be Quick, now Depart;

Disappear, go, leave no shadow

No collection of what was owed.

Be let off the hook

Slip the noose

Was once self-doomed  and judged

Yet Petitioner  leaves begrudged.




24 May 2018

Dramatis personæ

  • Prisoner, a usual suspect, mortal in nature in the dock.
  • Mercy, Heavenly Power, Unmoved Mover, Saviour.
  • Petitioner, Scratch, Underworld Boss, Claimant of the doomed.


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