Narcissus Narcotic

Sonnet 20 May 2018

Shape formed of cunning light, depraved, not so,

Such brave beauty unfold an angel’s soul;

Adam from clay was made, behold, pure light,

Ethereal countenance, rapture’s sight.

Not shall I long depart crave to return,

For this one and this one alone I burn;

Failing light my true love fades till bright morn,

With dewy sun this radiance re-born.

“Give heed to take your meat, let you nourish,

Then some mammon partake lest you perish.”

See only supple beauty in this lake,

Turn not my heart for any other face.


There by the re-flecting pool what remains,

Vain derelict wreck dead, yet once inflamed.

Narcissus Narcotic

© Lemuel

20 May 2018

Daily prompt



  • *English sonnet rhyme pattern is abab cdcd efef gg. Mine is not it’s aabb ccdd eeff gg.
  • Iambic pentameter.
  • Ten syllables.

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