Work at Your Own Pace

Work at Your Own Pace


“Work at your own pace.”

I always liked to hear that phrase back in kindergarten or at an atelier.

I am not writing about Art, only my work-craft in general. Number second; I am not diss’in folks, or throwing shade. Shaming is not productive in my line of craft.

Productivity is required for working at my own pace, not frantic, not rushed. Just go through the process, accept the casual mistakes, work them in, and get to “done” and done. Right there.

Give me a deadline, a sensible deadline, and I will work to meet (maybe beat) that deadline. I’ve had some squeakers like everyone does, but squeakiness is not as my business-as-usual thing. Working better under pressure, to me, is an explanation of my work habit fail.

When I’ve been close or even the rare tardy, my simple solution: next time I ask for more time (which may mean a little bit more money) because someone is going to get my best quality and time counts. Besides, my name is on said project and I have me some self-respect.

I really disdain* asking for an extension for a project. I mean, “What was I thinking?” I need to plan better in future.

I’ve read procrastination is a good thing (even expected) among creative people. Maybe it is. It’s a way to try out different options they say, like doodling. Okay, I love doodling. Experience more fruitful results writes another. Yeah, working at one’s own pace is a trip.

I cannot buy very much of that, although some good may come of the idea of–procrastination.

Let’s say a client wants something by next Tuesday and it’s Thursday.  I plan ahead.  I don’t want to be anywhere near my shop on Wednesday night. Get it. Hit it. Finished. “Who’s buying the second round?”

I love meeting a deadline and seeing the surprise on the client’s face. I like to think, “I made that smile too.”

I have to admit I found something of the procrastination bit that really works for me.

Procrastinate Faster, new sign in my shop.



© Lemuel

16 May 2018



*Disdain is the sharpest word I could put in this essay. Think the worst and that’s my meaning. Really the worst.

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