Knowing How to say, “Rebel”

Knowing How to say, “Rebel”


Rebel. It is a loaded word. It is freighted with negative connotations and perhaps it was so designed from the very birth of the word by the Latins all those years ago from bits and pieces of their words they scattered through the world and are even tootling around today. Thanks Romans, lovely empire, ware those non-conformists.

I like the word rebel (n.) or rebel (v.) both have a cozy place with me. Not bellicose, violent or destructive, I like thinking my own thoughts—therefore I am not on the same path others wear down to bed-rock. That is a trail of torture for me.

“Stay true to yourself you, Goose-stepping, lock-stepper,” was never written in my school annual.

Some other words were penned on those musty pages a cliché for posterity.


Well, fine, but with panache.

“Needs improvement.”

I wrote better goals and objectives.


So I disregarded the goals and objectives, I did write them, I do know.

“Works well with others.”

Oh, a bright spot.

“Apt to follow-through.”

What? May I put that on my CV?

Point is when I make some rules that I built to follow, by default I’m going to disregard some other rules that clash with mine.  My non-compliance with established ways of doing things is my failure, my fault.

That’s another fine mess you’ve made.  That is according to “nameless-faceless-rules-author” in power at the moment, even the “that’s-the-way-we-do-it-here” folk. Both are second-cousins to “we-have-never-done-that-before”.

“Here ya go chum. Nice label for your arm-band.”

It says, REBEL.

“Yes it does.”

Is it an accusation or is it an advertisement?

Mea culpa.


© Lemuel

16 May 2018


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