Rose, Being a Jack Russell Terrier

Rose, Being a Jack Russell Terrier

I am an experienced companion to Jack Russell Terriers.

I have been para-medic, nurturing human, a consoling friend, and a gray-mourner to over a dozen of these lovelies over these many, many years.

I was introduced to these joyful, mischief enthusiasts and intelligent dogs by my accident. I accidently agreed to dog-mentor a nearly year old female for an afternoon.

She promptly escaped my protection, cleared a three-foot fence and hedge, and in seconds Kay was lost over the rolling lawns and back gardens of my neighborhood.

She had a pedigree of distasteful acts.

Later she gave me one of her puppies, my first. It is funny how much our pets transform us.

I could go on for hours and so could you about your favorite dog, there can never be just one favorite.

They actually bring humans closer to other humans as if by dog-magnetism, but I know it’s by our hearts we are brought closer, both canine and human.

I miss Rose.

© Lemuel

15 May 2018

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