Missing (Ramblin’) Dog Blues


Missing (Ramblin’) Dog Blues


My hound-dog done left me,  That dog pick up and gone.

My hound-dog done left me,  That dog done pick up and gone,

That mange-dog went, gone,   My no-good dog done left me;

He gone.

That no use ole cur,  he messin round a kitchen, you right,

waitin for hand-outs,  yeah he can stay gone, yeah.

Miss that ole droop-ear mutt,  still, maybe I do,

Miss that ole droop-ear gip,  maybe I still do, a slight;

Lef a good home.

He set out yes-day,  he never look back

He set out yes-day,  to bury that bone

Yeah, he never look back.

And he set out yes-day,  find him a new home.

And he never look back;

Dog gone.

Miss that ole dog,  howlin all the time

Sleepin round the house,  snorin all the time

When he weren’t howlin,  he snorin

And takin his grub, Now he just gone;

Long gone.

Well, he pack up that ole bone, and take the ramblin road

Ramblin, ramblin, on that road, Lordy,

And he never look back, yeah,

Gonna miss that ole hound, howlin all the time;

So long.


© Lemuel

14 May 2018

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