The Core Curriculum



The Core Curriculum


Oscar liked new things especially since his re-introduction to Earth was going so well, this time.

Star fruit, mango, and papaya were delightful. Sometimes he plunged in and devoured an entire section of melons.

Have you tried one of these? They’re called bananas on this planet.

“Yes, I had one. It’s all core though. Not a favorite of mine, still.”

So noted.

Oscar bench-pressed a crate of apples over his mouth, “Down the hatch.”

Be less conspicuous, Oscar. I don’t want to give you a failing mark. Never forget where you come from.”

“But we don’t end our sentences with prepositions.”

Rule one: do not tick-off the testy test-bot, even once.

Oscar’s home planet is cold, rock-covered, and the vacuum pools are deadly.


© Lemuel

13 May 2018

Fictitiious Fiction

Daily Prompt


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