storm rising

silver moon arc sliver crescent slices dark sky

meager light inky night countless stars burnish shine

bull frog pond rippled waves shaken reeds genuflect

heaven light crackle roar cascade bright fingers stab

(c) Lemuel

13 May 2018



Totok Poetic Form

  • Originally Cantonese verse created by settlers in Thailand.
  • Accentual anapestic tetrameter form. This sounds scary but it isn’t.
  • Two un-stressed syllables followed by one stressed syllable, i.e. “t’was the night before Christmas…”
  • 12 syllables per line
  • 4 lines
  • Usually one stanza
  • Not much rhyme although there is a little bit of playful use of literary “techniques” employed in my Totok.

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