Why I Need Folk Tales and Fairy Tales



In the search for clarity and certainty I usually find very little. I am certain. Where did I park my car? I took a picture of the location so I can find it easily. I am weak but my tech-fu is strong.

Texts are not always clear, e-mail the same, a lot confusing. The shopping list someone wrote for me, nope, I must call for confirmation. I live; perhaps you too, live in a confused, ill-informed, complex world. I do not seek comfort. I know I must find clarity for myself (remember the shopping list). Adults need Folktales and Fairy Tales to let us know, the world ‘ain’t all that confusing’.

Adults need Fairy Tales, Just-so Stories, and other clearly fanciful bookish diversions that we may label as gratuitous reads. When we re-connect to the old stories, and not necessarily the ones contrived by big name movie studios, then we connect to other people from another time, who had a different way of living, but still remarkably understandable.

So the un-varnished tales surprised me in their gritty down-to-earth telling. Also, the sheer diversity of Folktales is amazing. The points of view vary yet the key bits remain remarkably similar. This group of stories show how similar we humans are and how we have be more alike than different since, well for a very long time.

Problem solving is key in Folktales and Fairy Tales. These stories can be a bit pedantic or ever didactic definitely not politically correct (for today’s sensitivities) for the most part.   In these stories I find essentials for demonstrating good examples of behavior, analogous applications of their truths (and their assumptions) and I find other ways of viewing the world into what it means to be a human being, or living in a different culture. And I got all of this from reading ‘antique literature’.

I also like Folktales and Fairy Tales because they are, for now, in my constellation of familiars and friends so counter-cultural. Yep, when I bring up Jack and the Beanstalk, so many of my friends have no idea beyond the movie or the television versions and do not get the references I make. That gap in knowing sparks some rejection, a little bit of gate-keeping, but a huge amount of curiosity. They go and find more stories to tell the group. They are pleased to accept the applause too.

Adults need Folktales and Fairy Tales, they are a new hook. Folktales and Fairy Tales, yeah they’re a thing.

(c) Lemuel

10 May 2018



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