Observe, a short fiction


Observe, a Short Fiction


“We are here to observe. Interference is expressly against protocol.”

“You’re going to watch this situation get worse.”

“No, I will simply walk away.”

“I won’t.”

“If you interfere there will be untold consequences.”

“Abe, there are always consequences.”

“I must protest.”

“Noted, now help me get her out of this wreck before it catches fire.”

“This is wrong, Group Leader. Implicating me in forbidden actions is against the Code.”

“Look, we’re about sixty-centuries removed from this person but she’s human like us, well, mostly like us.”

“After this I will request a transfer.”

“Alright, now on three, then heave.”


“What’s up with jumping the gun Abe?”



© Lemuel

03 May, 2018

Daily Prompt


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