Genie Gets Her Lamp Back


A Genie walked into a pawn shop in Omaha, Nebraska (1) with a box under her arm containing Peter Pan’s shadow.

The shop owner examined the merchandise.

“So clean, no stains, weightless. Peter Pan’s actual shadow, you want to pawn or sell?”

“The Lamp.”

“Oh, even swap.” The Genie saw the greed in the shop owner’s eyes.

“The Lamp and six ounces of silver.”

“Lamp and two ounces of silver.”

“The Lamp and four ounces of silver.”

“Lamp and meet me in the middle, three ounces of silver.”


“Shop owners are the best hagglers.”

“Genies are the best hagglers.”  This was her victory the beloved Lamp was again in her possession and silver coins sang her song.

© Lemuel

24 April, 2018

Daily prompt, Genie, Second helping

1 A city and a state in the Midwest or Great Plains of the United States

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