little garden, a cherita poem




a little garden


tomatoes sprout between the

alley and the depot wall


bounty, lush greens, peas

and yellow beans with

variegated peppers to accompany onions


© Lemuel

20 April 2018


National Poetry Writing Month 2018

NaPoWriMo 2018

# NaPoWriMo2018



Cherita Poetic Form

  • Cherita (pronounced CHAIR-rita) is a linked poetry form of one-, two-, and three-line stanzas.
  • A ‘linked poem’ is written solo or by poets working with partners or small groups, taking turns composing the alternating three-line and two-linestanzas.
  • Cherita is the Malay word for “story” or “tale”.
  • This poetic form has no title. Mine does.
  • The cherita tells a story was created by ai li, a UK poet in 1997 in memory of her grandparents.

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