Getting Over Mondays, the Internet, and Myself


If from the year I would all Mondays delete–

just wipe them off the list of days,

deplete, so there is one less day in every week.

Mondays are the worst in so many ways,

And think of the time I would save.


If I remove the days it rained

and there was no parade;

a lot of time would be missing

of this I am quite afraid,

But think of the time I have saved.


When chores intrude and things I hate to do

come up, why, I’d chop off all those days too.

Annoying long queues, mosquito bites, tangles in my hair

snap my fingers; be gone, with what makes me sadly despair,

And think of the time I have saved.


My peeves both pet and feral are gone, so banished,

peace is comfy, alone, all troubles have vanished.

If I disconnect my door bell, sign off the internet–

oh, how nice every pip and complaint evaporate,

And think of the time I have saved.


Instead, though, I can share, give some big shining grins,

and much love– and ease the daily suffering and pain:

Even if it’s on a dreaded Monday,  with rain—

it’s not theoretical, if not now, then when?

But think of the joy I have made.


This new thinking, a new life that makes me free;

I’m over my pre-occupation with me.

I am aware of myriad others,

they are all my sisters and my brothers;

their troubles are all mine too, the way I see–

And think of the help I can make.



14 April 2018, copyright

Daily Prompt



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