New Morning, Familiar Work, a Haibun



The saffron sun breaks dawn on dark upland winter-worn fields. Farm hands disc remnant stubble, dry plant-carrion,and cover crop.

Frost gilt furrows shimmer crystal cold. Strange how light is often associated with warmth then not when the moon is full.

Mists rise on old bean rows from rabbit burrows and occasional ground-hog hole. King snake knows them all.


hawk stoops frosty air

dove flock scatters wary flight

moon fades gold orb wan



12 April, 2018

NaPoWriMo 2018

National Poetry Writing Month 2018


Haibun poetic form

Matsuo Basho, 17th century C.E.

Objective descriptive prose poem that relates to the haiku in a fashion chosen by the poet.

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