Smile, Cheeseburger

Dog Rocky 2

The reddish brown hound with white socks was almost a goner. Twice, in as many seconds. It shouldn’t have happened to any animal. He was terrified and confused.

That’s when a nice man stopped to render some aid, he didn’t know what kind of help he’d be but he tried. When he opened his truck door to see about the bewildered dog, the dog made a run and a lunge.

Into the man’s truck. The man followed the dog’s good sense and got back in the truck. The other drivers made their displeasure known with curses, invectives, and various symbolic means to communicate how little they thought of him, the obvious owner of the problematic pooch.

The man had work to do. Lost dog went along. When the work was done the pair ¬†went for “break time” and cheeseburgers were the order of the day. Lots of them some without the regular goo but Lost Dog had been on the lam for a few days and a stray pickle was “no problem”. Cheeseburger was too long a name for a dog, but this was a big guy.

There was a problem; how to get this dog back home, because he had to be someone’s pet, companion, sojourner, and cheeseburger help-mate. He liked trucks and nap times which he took on the seat of the old pickup on his clothes as the man drove to their destination.

The local animal agency helped the man and the dog. It’s a safe haven for animals. A few papers, some information exchange, and an un-necessary leash, because the dog followed the man straightway into the agency.

Yep, the man was reluctant to leave the ole boy there but they had the resources to find his people. He made a donation and said, “good-bye” to the bewildered dog and left. In the short time together some bonding took his heart. If no one comes for the dog. Well, he’d cross that fence when he got there.

Rocky, so it goes is the dog’s real name. Seems he and a co-conspirator had been missing for a number of days. Rocky was the last hold-out to get home. His people were actively seeking him. Back at home Rocky was loved and washed and pampered by his people. Overjoyed happy grateful people.

Rocky made the impression of a lifetime on the man. This guy had dog-companions a-plenty and creatures great and some so-so but the circumstances of Rocky and him coming together go against coincidence.

It makes me smile to see this man smile and to know somewhere in the world there might be a dog who naps, but just before he dreams, he remembers cheeseburgers in a brown truck and the kind man who saved him in such a gentle way



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