Visual Storytelling

What story do you see?

When someone reacts to the your latest opus listen to them. If it’s the same boring love-fest, well then, “Yay, you. ” Still, be considerate.

Listen to them because without knowing why when someone likes your Art it’s because you’ve sparked their story.

Something was brought out into their minds because of your Art and because of their interaction with you. They’ll tell you what the Art means to them. This is a great event. Still, be humble.

That reminds me, “What is your story?” It’s powerful and motivating beyond your guesses. If you hide your Art or get “judgie” with yourself we all have fewer stories. Still, it’s fine to be private. Try to share a bit. It’s a process this thing called change.

Oh, remain calm while others gush. I know I blush which is way out of character for me, but I always remember to listen to others. They’re going to tell me their story and I am the richer for listening to them. Still, it isn’t all about me.

Remember to say “Thank-you,” even when their reaction is critical. Put that lemon in your compost pile to grow something cool later on. Still, it’s time for your victory dance.

Turn the music up loud.



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