Toxic for Easter and April Fool’s Day



For this day’s consideration: “What shall I keep?”


Keep the mind and the soul open to new creative endeavors, a canvas for joy.

Keep saying, “What good-will and goods I have, I will share.”

Keep neighbors on friendly terms. Be better to neighbors than ever they imagined they could receive.

Keep a promise. Keep them all.

Keep saying, “Thank you. My obligations are full.” “No” can be a powerful positive word.

Keep a schedule and in that framework allow for personal rest.

Keep finding ways to dilute toxic situations, persons, and personal habits. Take necessary action.

Keep above the fray. Some people or situations will not change. Be resilient. Practice graceful exits.

Keep as a priority, a prominent place in life, to love everyone, everywhere, all the time.

Keep forgiveness. It heals in many ways.






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