Sufficiently Inefficient


Ms. Drazzel:  “We ferreted out several more financial savings from our initial audit.”

CEO:  “Outstanding, let’s hear them. The Board’s gonna love this, big ‘L’. Know what I mean?”

Drazzel and Hackcommon presented their summary of discoveries.

Ms. Drazzel:  “How do you respond to all our findings?”

CEO:  “Man, who knew?”

Ms. Drazzel cleared her throat.

Mr. Hackcommon:  “Right,  the next to last item,  break rooms may be removed for considerable cost reduction.”

CEO:  “But the workers like a place to have meals and take breaks.”

Ms. Drazzel:  “The break room will be superfluous.”

CEO:  “What’s that?”

Mr. Hackcommon:  “Correct. Workers are inefficient. By far the most significant savings will be to re-invest in robots, perhaps D&H™. Retain a few of the brightest workers for clean-up.”

CEO,  “But I like coffee breaks with my employees.”

Ms. Drazzel:  “Understood, of course, you would be exempt from our cost savings calculations.”



Please credit me and this blog when you use. It’s good to know other people can see something, good or not so much, in what I make.


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