Art, Getting Busy

There are those days when someone passes by me whilst I’m at my drawing pad and exclaims, “I can do that!”


Graphite on card stock

I smile and keep drawing. After about a second, because I don’t want to lose the moment, I give them a pad and some pencils.

“Oh, no I couldn’t.”

But you just said your could. Give yourself this little gift, this precious time. Draw!

Some of the materials I favor are readily available at most office supply shops or even pharmacies. I chose them for that reason–wide availability.

Among my supplies I have A4 (8.5 x 11)  paper in white and a few colors, some A6 (4 x 6) plain index card stock, a few color pencils, #2 pencils, and blank journal books.

Then I scoop up my satchel and get busy.

I can do that.

11 thoughts on “Art, Getting Busy

  1. I totally agree. Drawing the simplest thing looks easy for anyone to do…untill they actually try. And there is no better way of exposing this weakness until you sit down holding a pen and a piece of blank paper. And this goes to the artists themselves…untill you actually working on something, unitl you get “busy” you rarely realise how challenging it is.

    I totally agree regarding the tools we use. A simple blue pen and a scrap paper are enough for someone to create the most beautiful art. I recently bought a small sketch pad and always have a couple of pens with me…I found happiness since then drawing on the bus or on the street.

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  2. Lol! I just told myself that I should be working in my sketchbook this morning instead of fooling around on Facebook and Wordpresd when I came across this post. I will take it as a direct word from the Muse to get off my sofa and draw. Great blog.

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    • Your Art may be drawing. Your Art will be whatever you wish—sculpting, painting, or gluing bits and pieces together to make something you really, really enjoy. I wish you the very best in your journey as an Artist. Get Busy! 😃


      • Thank you so much for your encouragement. I used to enjoy making collages in college–all the girls in my dorm cut out magazine pics and put literary quotations or song lyrics with them. Later on, I loved doing counted cross-stitch embroidery (till my vision aged!). Both my parents were artists (not famous)–I always thought of writing as my art, though it’s not the same as drawing/painting/sculpting, etc. Blessings to you 🙂

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