Art, Getting Busy

There are those days when someone passes by me whilst I’m at my drawing pad and exclaims, “I can do that!”


Graphite on card stock

I smile and keep drawing. After about a second, because I don’t want to lose the moment, I give them a pad and some pencils.

“Oh, no I couldn’t.”

But you just said your could. Give yourself this little gift, this precious time. Draw!

Some of the materials I favor are readily available at most office supply shops or even pharmacies. I chose them for that reason–wide availability.

Among my supplies I have A4 (8.5 x 11)  paper in white and a few colors, some A6 (4 x 6) plain index card stock, a few color pencils, #2 pencils, and blank journal books.

Then I scoop up my satchel and get busy.

I can do that.


Glimmer, a Lyric



Sun sets dimmer

stars shine glimmer ,

clouds now thinner,

an evening begins.

Rustic glamour

campfire flavor,

woodsmoke savor,

a story portents.


© Lemuel

19 April, 2018

Daily prompt


Glimmer, a Second-helping


kindles memory, a tanka poem

lamp light secret porch

cedar sweet scent dark image

moth hovers silence

the taste of your mouth lingers

sun dew kindles memory

(c) Lemuel

19 April, 2018

Tanka Poetic Form


  • Tanka poems have 31-syllables. In tradition all written in a single line.
  • Usually written in five lines L1,5-syllables,

L2, 7-syllables, L3, 5-syllables, L4 and L5, 7-syllables each.

  • No much rhyme.

NaPoWriMo 2018


National Poetry Writing Month 2018

The Middle Passage to Freedom




Clean up dishes eight bucks a day

small room no view attic walk up.

chill breezes cold lights dark harbor

this middle passage break away.


Get away run fast as you can.


Maybe Spring no way to predict

that ship, a destiny, will dock,

opportunity, don’t look back,

dust and thirst are not magnetic.


Get away run fast as you can


Keep low, blend in, like the masses

the heart’s object is to get free;

escape genetics,  brutal rules–

new start from anonymity.


Get away run fast as you can


© Lemuel

18 April, 2018



Kyrielle Poetic form

  • Four line stanzas French poetic form.
  • Eight syllables each line.
  • Has a refrain, usually the last line of each stanza. I gave mine a stand-alone refrain I had a line I wanted to keep.
  • Rhyming schemes can be aabb, abab, aaab, abcb fairly flexible


NaPoWriMo 2018


Weather Froth, Second-helping Post



“It’s Winter cold again for Spring” is the morning newscast’s lead story.

The forecaster noted, “It will be very cold with declining temperatures

throughout the afternoon and a 100% chance of froth.”

“And, don’t you mean frost?

“No I mean, ‘the angry audience will FROTH.’


© Lemuel

17 April, 2018


Froth, a Second-helping