Art, Getting Busy

There are those days when someone passes by me whilst I’m at my drawing pad and exclaims, “I can do that!”


Graphite on card stock

I smile and keep drawing. After about a second, because I don’t want to lose the moment, I give them a pad and some pencils.

“Oh, no I couldn’t.”

But you just said your could. Give yourself this little gift, this precious time. Draw!

Some of the materials I favor are readily available at most office supply shops or even pharmacies. I chose them for that reason–wide availability.

Among my supplies I have A4 (8.5 x 11)  paper in white and a few colors, some A6 (4 x 6) plain index card stock, a few color pencils, #2 pencils, and blank journal books.

Then I scoop up my satchel and get busy.

I can do that.

Write Until I Think I Might Perish


Writing transforms the writer.  Those who try to write do so at great peril and even perhaps severe loss. Each fills in their own examples of  “peril” or definitions of “loss”.  Writing has costs associated with the endeavor.  It always has for me.

By analogy, I enjoy community and college theatre. If the company of players can get me into a seat and help me to transform creaky props and a good story into a romp of my imagination I feel such kindredness with them. I want others to feel that when I write.  I try to accomplish a story that will do the same for the reader as the actors did for me.  Change the imaginary whilst in the ordinary world through words.

I have been changed over the long hours at the keyboard or on the typewriter by the process I do to make a story (writing).  I must renew my relationship with the narrative right up to where I left off work because I am romping through my imagination. That, for me, takes a practical process. I think writers figure out their process  that uses builds with the nuts and bolts of the story becoming a relatable coherent progression—beginning to end.  The challenges are near. Fatigue and frustration hit first.

Even though I have typed “imagination”, “story”, and hinted at the mental/brain orienting goal of story, this writing activity is real. There is real pain, also joy, exhilaration, and horrors to encounter as I go along. 

I can leave a piece on a jump-drive, sequestered to a notebook, or I leave it at a bus stop. It will not be a story until I finish it. Until it transforms me. And we finally become one. This is working through the frustration and fatigue, the joy, anything that might de-rail the writing. No matter my critics or my self-doubt I write until I think I might perish. Of course, I know, mainly, I will not die.

I am reminded that chocolate-chip cookie batter looks horrid in the bowl. When baked and golden brown with melty chips it was worth the process. It was also ignoring myself saying, “This is a hot mess.”

There is no story until I finish. It may not be what an editor wants. The critic may have myriad reasons to hang it out to dry. 

It is still a story because someone wrote it.

What? You thought you were going to get rich? 

To do that do something else and take a direct approach to wealth.

I want to write. I cannot do otherwise.

I want the feeling of kindredness, the infatuation with the story, the processes of writing, of making strung-together words in a similar way as I will mix up a batch of self-made cookies.

Because I made them.


The Artist Series, Doing Similar, Consisently

I reckoned the idea of a series might have a bit to do with consistency of action.

Along with a theme, color selection, format, composition, and a bunch more but I want to emphasise concept here.

The produce of Art speaks for itself on most of the above all but on concept.

Above I begin the concept “the first realisation of no turning back”.

Kindest wishes,


“Spring Border Plants, the Remnants”

“The Remnants”

I had some time to wait for a new pulley belt to arrive, still hours before lunch.

Very satisfying to make a plein air drawing of a tiny landscape whilst the equipment was out of commission.

Perhaps the topography and geography is a bit more varied and interesting seen closer at hand than sitting on a great hulking mowing machine.

My observation /impression of the shaded greens, any spots of emerald, splashes of gold, and coy pink coral changed on the whim of the breeze.

Graphite on paper, ~5.75 x 3.75 in, 14.5 x 9.5 cm.

No photograph but it would be fun as a painting.

Best wishes,



Keeping a Mess from Happening

Keeping a Mess from Happening

Sorting Hat? In the shop?

Nope, but a sort of way to channel detritus, flotsam, and jetsam toward rightful places.

This is my simple way to drop off things from a project that need put back in their place, my “lazy box”.

The idea is to place items or “sorts”, mostly likes with likes in one designated zone.

That goal will see mates to socks with socks, and sockets with sockets all ready to be returned to the tool box or drawer.

Put up remains in the first place but this is the “lazy box” it is finite and in one spot. It is a crutch for me but good shop-floor and visual control.

I have put in the lazy box a few smaller clear containers, zippy bags, and twist ties to make an organized container for containers for “left-overs” processing.

So now a forgetful cleaner and nonneat freak can get a break and avoid being a complete slob and look good for organizing and planning.

All Winners!


06 April 2019

Art Me, What I Find in Opportunity

Art Me, What I Find in Opportunity

Art is the practice of taking those opportunities I get, make the most of them.

I hover over a canvas or sheet of paper like a fledgling bird.

When I launch I sometimes hit a good flap or a few and I fly, and I have flopped too.

Flap to fly, flop to cry–neither is fatal or final.

I have artistic intention, use a design, choose colors, and all the rest but the finished “work” is my own personal discovery, it’s not accountant-like accurate.

Trick is to finish what was started, to avoid too much self-criticism.

Most times my choice for what should go in the bin becomes several someone’s favorite piece.

So out the window with my Art intentions, skill, training, lucky outcomes, and long hours of labor. Nope.

Art, not sales, comes down to personal taste, maker and Art purchaser and a mighty lot of being available to people.

Making opportunity, now there’s Art in it.

Sunshine on you,


21 March 2019

Art Me, Backup Plan

Art Me, Backup Plan

Plans fail because of my assumptions, false aspirations.

Being fragile creatures people may need to take time to heal from what ails us.

Art can be postponed for example, since I am dependent on social structures, like homes or studios and also on commercial connections, like electrical power or warmth.

Backup plans are a feature in any Art activity.

The most direct reason to have a plan is to meet a deadline, being on time, promises kept.

A delay in March may slide into other projects.

Nothing to fear. Simply nimble thinking sometimes with the use of a crutch or candles.

Good plan. Good solution to a challenge.

Best Art to you,

c. Lemuel

05 March 2019