Art, Getting Busy

There are those days when someone passes by me whilst I’m at my drawing pad and exclaims, “I can do that!”


Graphite on card stock

I smile and keep drawing. After about a second, because I don’t want to lose the moment, I give them a pad and some pencils.

“Oh, no I couldn’t.”

But you just said your could. Give yourself this little gift, this precious time. Draw!

Some of the materials I favor are readily available at most office supply shops or even pharmacies. I chose them for that reason–wide availability.

Among my supplies I have A4 (8.5 x 11)  paper in white and a few colors, some A6 (4 x 6) plain index card stock, a few color pencils, #2 pencils, and blank journal books.

Then I scoop up my satchel and get busy.

I can do that.


Me A House Divided



When whatever owns me causes strife, then I vow to let strife depart with whatever owns me, both may leave.

When pride beckons me to follow, I say, “The path is dark.”

Pride answers, “Trust me.” This is my first failing.

I am in want. I flounder in fear. I breathe, “I am content.”  Then I am renewed.

“Where is my home? Today, at this moment, my home is here where I am.”

“I am cold. I am hungry. I am alone. I am unwise, and my tongue is dry.”

I seek harmony of mind. This I trust is the foundation of my house un-divided.


A House Divided


Wishful Echo


Love is reciprocal. It is an echo of feelings and at least tough commitment, to the other from the one, from the one to the other.

I know my companions; Bonnie and Diamond loved me though legally each belonged to someone else. Dogs don’t know from legal they just go with it.

What made them choose to hover near me, protect me, comfort me and I in similar measure for them both? I had the sandwiches. They also drank my tea. In reality I requested to be their guardian.

Here we are me and two gymnastic dogs, ricochet love, messy baths, and romps where intelligent girls expended their tightly wound energy and thrust speedy minds into overdrive deciding what to do next.  For the ride home both curled up next to me dog tired.

I catch a memory every time I visit those spots where we used to cavort.

The places do not reverberate with their liveliness. The gravitational oomph has changed.

Sometimes I hear their lovely voices, a recollection, perhaps a wish.



Evaluation Season

Exit Sign 2


After weeks long  angst I have one thought on “evaluation season”:  “That was a lot of bother for no new information. And still, no one knows when the company picnic is.”

Here are some samples from my evaluation and my obligatory responses in no particular order. I love it when official-dumb is my wingman.

  1. Works well with others.

Response: I am fun, the fun-nest. Like. I am the most fun anywhere; everyone says so, even HR. I cannot wait for the next group project.

  1. Meets deadlines.

Response: I am the office coffee mule.

  1. Immature.

Response: Delightfully young at heart.

  1. Achieves minimal acceptable group goals.

Response: Shoots for the moon, lands in the trees.

  1. Punctual.

Response: For lunch.


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