Art, Getting Busy

There are those days when someone passes by me whilst I’m at my drawing pad and exclaims, “I can do that!”


Graphite on card stock

I smile and keep drawing. After about a second, because I don’t want to lose the moment, I give them a pad and some pencils.

“Oh, no I couldn’t.”

But you just said your could. Give yourself this little gift, this precious time. Draw!

Some of the materials I favor are readily available at most office supply shops or even pharmacies. I chose them for that reason–wide availability.

Among my supplies I have A4 (8.5 x 11)  paper in white and a few colors, some A6 (4 x 6) plain index card stock, a few color pencils, #2 pencils, and blank journal books.

Then I scoop up my satchel and get busy.

I can do that.


Q: How do I know when a painting is ‘finished’?


Q: How do I know when a painting is ‘finished’?


A: When I run out of paint.

A: The buyer pays in cash.

A: When I have to start a new painting. I have a rain slicker-like small work area.

A: When the rats eat it.

A: When someone steals my easel.

A: When someone pinches my easel and leaves the canvas in the alley with tire tread.

A:When my studio mates use my canvas to cover a broken window pane.

A: The Post-It ™ read, “Sorry, I was so cold. “ My easel, paints, brushes, and canvas are fuel.

c. Lemuel

07 November 2018

Making, the Big Unsure


Making, the Big Unsure


I make things.

I do not care if anyone likes what I make (not being rude).

I have to make my own satisfaction, joy, or come up with further questions—like, “This was fun. Now, what’s next?”

This is fun.

If I wonder, “Yeah, but is it good?”

Sure it is. Just keep in mind what I made is temporary. It might show up in archaeology but I cannot hold my breath for that long, neither could the cave painters.

“But will others like it?”

Try that path out.

• Rejection is temporary.

• Be a moving target.

• Praise is fleeting.

So back to me and what I made.

Yeah, it’s good.

“Is it useful?”



c. Lemuel

07 November 2018

Limerick, the Mix


Limerick, the Mix


Limericks are humorous, ribald (or not), and technically challenging.

The first, second, and fifth stanzas share an end rhyme which is tricky to accomplish in addition to completing the story and at the same time pulling off the humor.

I usually employ different rhyming end words, another hurdle.

Some say a clean-ish Limerick is not a desired product. I disagree. Some extra care in writing is required to make the wordplay work is all. A smile is a smile, X-rated, or PG.

I have read some funny, suggestive rhymes. I know lots of words that rhyme with “Nantucket”.

My immense hurdle is making the humor jump, or the hyperbole bounce, or the absurdity sparkle.

If one or two recipients chuckle, or laugh, or give me a twinkle-eyed nod, then my work, worked.

I smile too. Fun times twice.


c. Lemuel

07 November 2018